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Roller Grill Shopping at offers roller grill equipment and merchandising, including food service supplies and smallwares  for convenience stores, restaurants, bars and taverns, and concession stands.

Hot Dog Roller Grills and Steamers

Hot food offerings with a commercial hot dog roller grill are a great way to increase your convenience store's margins. Hot dog roller grills are available in a variety of capacities to handle your customer traffic levels–or available countertop space. A commercial hot dog steamer is a great way to get product ready and in your customer's hands quickly. 

Sneeze Guards

Keep germs and other debris from getting on your grill! Sneeze guards are an essential part of any roller grill merchandising display. We offer standard plastic dome styles, as well more aesthetically pleasing canopy food sneeze guards

Bun Warmers & Cabinets

Keep your hot dog buns fresher-and prevent squashing-by complementing your roller grill or hot dog merchandising set up with a bun box. Choose from a variety of styles with either clear acrylic fronts, or solid fronts appropriate for additional branding or menu options.

Roller Grill Accessories

foodpros knows roller grill accessories are a key component to a complete merchandising set up. Stand and sleeve or FlavorRail identification systems are available to pair with a divider kit to help keep your rows or product neatly organized. Or maximize the margins you can achieve with your roller grill by adding a snack box.

Roller Grill Merchandising

Your roller grill area wouldn't be complete without an appropriate hot dog menu board or display. foodpros offer post-and-plate-standing or ceiling-hanging sign options that include the appropriate hardware, menu strips, and pricing kits. Or opt for a more novel, whimsical approach with the mini-cart hot dog steamer.


foodpros is your destination for food service supplies, and that includes smallwares of all kinds from commercial kitchen equipment for food prep to glassware and serving utensils.


Downloadable content to help you better understand the ins and outs of roller grill purchasing and maintenance. 

Roller Grill Cleaning

Guidelines for more comprehensive cleaning than what is outlined in the Roller Grill Basics document above.


Roller Grill Basics

Including product storage, cooking and handling, and daily cleaning tips.

Roller Grill Capacity Guide

Offers dimensions and capacity guidelines for nearly a dozen roller grills offered by from a variety of manufacturers. 

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History of the Roller Grill

A staple in convenience stores, concession stands, and ball parks across the country, the Roller Grill is almost "as American" as hot dogs themselves–and its roots go back almost as far.

Calvin Dodd MacCracken, an engineer and business owner, is credited as the inventor of the Roller Grill–just one of his 80 patents that ranged from astronauts' space suits to developing heating and cooling systems(1)(2). It was Theodore Edison, son of legendary inventor Thomas Edison, who worked with and encouraged a young MacCracken in the first half of the 20th century about the importance of pursuing his vocation(2)(3). MacCracken was then just an intern working with Edison, but perhaps thanks in part to Edison's inspiration MacCracken went on to become a leading innovator as well as start a company called CALMAC, a company that, to this day, offers low cost green energy cooling solutions.(4)

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