How to Make Unique Roller Grill Offerings Sizzle

In a growing number of c-stores, roller grills have come a long way from being an entry-level hot dog tool. Now they serve as a provider of a wide variety of innovative meals and snack foods.

[Posted to Convenience Store Decisions by Marilyn Odesser-Torpey]

Article rightly points to the low-labor (not no-labor) tactic that successful operators should be taking with their roller grill set up in order to the most value out of it, and keep it appealing to customers - all day, every day. 

Some retailers continue to view the roller grill as a no-labor option to establish a foodservice presence. But, in reality, it requires a dedicated portion of labor to keep it clean, stocked and rotated throughout the day and to do sampling, Miller said. And while hot dogs may be the standard fare, customers have also come to expect to find a wider assortment of high quality products on the roller grill.