Better-For-You Sausage Options (C-Store Decisions)


Wisconsin-based Johnsonville Sausage has expanded its lineup of products. 

Johnsonville is introducing a new Applewood Smoked Chicken Apple Split Sausage for customers seeking a better-for-you sausage option without compromising on flavor. The new naturally smoked chicken sausage has real pieces of apple, about half the fat and calories of a pork sausage, and is the first chicken sausage in Johnsonville’s Smoked Sausage line for foodservice customers.

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Foodservice Favorites Radiate (Convenience Store Decisions)

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Heavy on pizza program information, this article closes out with some great thoughts on diversifying roller grill options. 

'“We wanted to get creative and see what was trending, and bacon was hot,” said Krebs. “Visually on the roller grill, this product looks different and catches customers’ attention. Now, it’s our second best-selling item behind the traditional hot dog.”'


Serving What Your Customers Want (CSP Daily News)

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New and varied roller grill offerings are important to consumers, study finds.

"While made-to-order foods are trending in c-stores, many consumers are looking for tasty options that they can pick up quick and eat on the go—between classes, on the way to a job, etc. Roller grill options are key to driving foodservice growth."

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Merchandise Your Roller Grill to Tout New Products (Convenience Store News)

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While not rocket science by any means, introducing new products on your roller grill does require some thought and planning. Roller grills have become standard platforms in the convenience channel, capable of offering consumers new choices next to reliable standbys with relative ease.

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Marketing Meaty Meals (C-Store Decisions)

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"…the mouthwatering smell of frying chicken wafting through the store and even out to the forecourt is usually the first experience customers have with your foodservice offering, explained Dr. Nancy Caldarola, general manager of the Food Training Group, a hospitality industry consulting firm based in Roswell, Ga.
“'Chicken is one of the most attractive hand-held foods for people,' Caldarola said. 'It is also the ultimate all-American comfort food.'"

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Oscar Mayer Pumpkin Pancake Sausage

Roller grill offering satisfies demand for convenient, on-the-go protein.

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Oscar Mayer rolled out a new flavor appropriate for any daypart. 

The Oscar Mayer Pumpkin Pancake Sausage is the newest roller grill innovation from the Oscar Mayer brand. Capitalizing on the seasonal flavor craze, Pumpkin Pancake Sausage features a classic Oscar Mayer sausage wrapped in a flavorful, pumpkin spice pancake. 


CSP Kitchen: Haute Dogs (

How c-stores can revamp the roller grill

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The roller grill has long been c-store territory, but as new and established restaurant concepts elevate encased meats with unique proteins, breads and toppings, convenience retailers have new opportunities to boost sales with expanded offerings. Even simple changes, such as introducing a toppings bar, can improve value perceptions and even day-part sales.

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How to Make Unique Roller Grill Offerings Sizzle

In a growing number of c-stores, roller grills have come a long way from being an entry-level hot dog tool. Now they serve as a provider of a wide variety of innovative meals and snack foods.

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Article rightly points to the low-labor (not no-labor) tactic that successful operators should be taking with their roller grill set up in order to the most value out of it, and keep it appealing to customers - all day, every day. 

Some retailers continue to view the roller grill as a no-labor option to establish a foodservice presence. But, in reality, it requires a dedicated portion of labor to keep it clean, stocked and rotated throughout the day and to do sampling, Miller said. And while hot dogs may be the standard fare, customers have also come to expect to find a wider assortment of high quality products on the roller grill.