Marketing Meaty Meals (C-Store Decisions)

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"…the mouthwatering smell of frying chicken wafting through the store and even out to the forecourt is usually the first experience customers have with your foodservice offering, explained Dr. Nancy Caldarola, general manager of the Food Training Group, a hospitality industry consulting firm based in Roswell, Ga.
“'Chicken is one of the most attractive hand-held foods for people,' Caldarola said. 'It is also the ultimate all-American comfort food.'"

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3 Ways to Ignite Roller-Grill Sales (CSPDailyNews.com)

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If you're already a roller grill operator, you know just how important it is to make sure that the roller grill and surrounding area is kept clean and properly lit–two of the smaller tips pointed out in this article–but this post also provides reassurance on other things that you might be overlooking, that'll be sure to draw in the customers. 

… consumers—especially younger ones—are receptive to new offerings. In fact, about 45% of millennials say they’re willing to try an item or condiment featuring a new or interesting flavor at a c-store prepared-foods area, according to Technomic data.
Load up the roller grill with unexpected items such as egg rolls, tamales, chicken-filled waffle rolls, taquitos and more. 
Roller-grill items are well-suited to DIY condiments, dips and sauces. An impressive 65% of c-store foodservice consumers say they are more likely to purchase prepared foods at c-stores that offer made-to-order food when they can fully customize the items.

More than half of consumers (53%) say they’d visit c-stores for prepared foods if healthier items were available. … Many consumers perceive fresh foods, as well as those made with “clean” and “natural” ingredients, to be healthy as well. 

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Diversifying the Foodservice Offering

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Taking steps to promote innovative products and value pricing can elevate the whole roller grill experience to drive new sales. 
Convenience store operators looking to spice up their roller grill offerings have more tools at their disposal than ever before, including the weather, as autumn spurs consumers to seek hot, savory snacks and foods on the run.
In addition, a host of other steps that convenience stores can take, from savvy promotions to developing proprietary items, can help sales climb still higher any time of the year.
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Healthy Fare Drives Roller Grill Flair


To keep up with the ever-changing tastes of a wide-variety of palates the roller grill is becoming more important than ever for driving sales.
When it comes to foodservice, convenience store operators often find themselves wedged unfairly between a rock and a hard place. Consumers want to indulge in food items, but they also want it healthy, affordable and quick. The margin for error is
virtually nil.
This is as true on the roller grill as in any other part of a retailer’s food offering.

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Roller Grill Cleaning: 5 Quick Tips

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As a convenience store, tavern or restaurant owner, it is key to highlight moneymaker products. Maximize your sales by creating an appetizing presentation of your hot dogs, taquitos, or sausages on the roller grill; regular roller grill cleaning will help ensure an inviting display is ready for your customers, and is vital to your success as an operator.
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C-Stores Increasingly Winning the Foodservice Battle

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A workforce shift that's increasing the number of work-at-home people, combined with pricing increases is causing restaurants to lose ground. This has allowed convenience stores with foodservice offers to pick up additional customers.

Foodservice industry watchers have been buzzing about the recent downswing in restaurant traffic, particularly at lunch, and are pointing to signs that convenience stores are better positioned than ever to benefit.
Last month, a new Technomic consumer study on the lunch daypart reported that the frequency of lunchtime visits to restaurants is down by 5% since 2014. … Also, the latest increase in menu prices have restaurants feeling the pinch; NPD reported that at some restaurant categories, lunch-menu prices have jumped by about 5% over the threshold that consumers identify as the sweet spot between “affordable to eat there” and “good value for the money.”

Combined with the "roller-grill allure" that CSP also reported on back in May of this year, wherein "42% of consumers say they are likely to visit a c-store for prepared foods if roller-grill items are available," it seems like a prime time to make sure your roller grill offerings are up to snuff to make sure you're grabbing all the customers you can. Keep things clean and attractive; don't let your roller grill products lose their visual appeal by sitting too long on the grill. 

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Roller Grills Keep Rolling Along

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This CSD staff written article pulls some interesting data from some Mintel International research regarding consumer views of foodservice at convenience stores, pointing to customization–and individually wrapped hot dog buns (for better sense of sanitation)–as a great way to improve customer perception of the roller grill area. 

At Cenex Zip Trip, a condiment bar, with fresh toppings ranging from salsa to sauerkraut, also amps up the quality perception. Introducing new items to the mix is another way Cenex Zip Trip lets customers know it is always focusing on ways to enhance its roller grill. 

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