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Fresh hot dog and corn dog servings up 7% in the year ending November 2018 over the prior year (


Fresh hot dog and corn dog servings ordered at convenience stores were up 7% in the year ending November 2018 over the prior year, reported NPD Group research firm recently.

Convenience Store Decisions reports that the roller grill is an “integral part of c-store foodservice programs” because of how easily it fits into any number of possible store layouts, and still be well-executed.

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Better-For-You Sausage Options (C-Store Decisions)


Wisconsin-based Johnsonville Sausage has expanded its lineup of products. 

Johnsonville is introducing a new Applewood Smoked Chicken Apple Split Sausage for customers seeking a better-for-you sausage option without compromising on flavor. The new naturally smoked chicken sausage has real pieces of apple, about half the fat and calories of a pork sausage, and is the first chicken sausage in Johnsonville’s Smoked Sausage line for foodservice customers.

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Roller Grill Set To Grow (C-Store Decisions)

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Roller grill offerings are trending up, with differentiated product offerings being a key component to that growth.

"Mexican-style items, such as tornados are taking the roller grill category by storm, said Bonnie Riggs, restaurant industry analyst for NPD Group research firm. Over a five-year trend to 2017, these products took a big leap—up 59%—in traditional convenience stores."

Pizza, Roller Grill Satisfy Profits (

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While more restaurant-like foods might help diversify a convenience store's portfolio of offerings and help draw customers in, the roller grill still continues to be a key fixture!

"Despite the rise and popularity of made-to-order hot and cold sandwiches on c-store menus, hot dogs, corn dogs, taquitos and other roller grill items are still carried by 71% of convenience stores and are among the top five sellers in the overall foodservice category, said Tim Powell, vice president and senior analyst at Q1 Consulting LLC, a Chicago-based business research, strategy, planning and management firm."

Merchandise Your Roller Grill to Tout New Products (Convenience Store News)

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While not rocket science by any means, introducing new products on your roller grill does require some thought and planning. Roller grills have become standard platforms in the convenience channel, capable of offering consumers new choices next to reliable standbys with relative ease.

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Ham & Cheddar Link (C-Store Products)

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"The classic ham and cheese sandwich just got an on-the-go update to satisfy your busy customers. The OSCAR MAYER Honey Ham and Cheddar Link is a tasty OSCAR MAYER pork link that combines ham, a touch of honey and KRAFT OLD ENGLISH Cheddar Cheese. Packed with rich, grilled ham and cheese flavor, the new link is the latest addition to the OSCAR MAYER roller grill portfolio."

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