Pizza, Roller Grill Satisfy Profits (CStoreDecisions.com)

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While more restaurant-like foods might help diversify a convenience store's portfolio of offerings and help draw customers in, the roller grill still continues to be a key fixture!

"Despite the rise and popularity of made-to-order hot and cold sandwiches on c-store menus, hot dogs, corn dogs, taquitos and other roller grill items are still carried by 71% of convenience stores and are among the top five sellers in the overall foodservice category, said Tim Powell, vice president and senior analyst at Q1 Consulting LLC, a Chicago-based business research, strategy, planning and management firm."

Rotating Menus in C-Stores (CStoreProductsOnline.com)

Changing up food offerings could lure in more fickle millennials

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The fact that c-stores own grab-and-go among various consumers and occasions works hugely in their favor as foodservice technology looks to hit that sweet spot of speed and quality. And certainly, some c-stores don’t have the available footprint to host a group like Fooda. But awareness of the changing foodservice landscape is an advantage in itself.

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Competing with QSRs (Not So Hard, Really)

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Making the case for why convenience stores are better at serving their customers, this article points to an all-dayparts, multiple category advantage that c-stores have over quick-service restaurants–something that operators shouldn't forget about as they strategize how to stay competitive against QSR pricing promotions.

While it takes a lot of discipline for convenience stores not to chase every QSR price promotion, Higgins said it is critical to remain focused on your strategy and to remember —and remind your customers —what makes convenience stores unique. "C-stores take care of people’s needs 24/7 in every daypart," he said. "In fact, in the morning a customer can buy breakfast, but can also buy their lunch for later in the day or groceries for dinner, not to mention fuel, lottery, cigarettes...QSRs can’t do that. We have to better leverage the aspects of our business that differentiate us."

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Roller Grill Reverence and Grocery Woes

Image source: CSPDailyNews.com

Image source: CSPDailyNews.com

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The roller grill is still an incredibly important category for c-store foodservice; the key is to elevate it. 

What about all the buzz around the decline in traditional c-store foods? “That stuff gets overblown,” said Hanson. “When we talk about elevating c-store foodservice, the consumer is saying we’ve got to make it more interesting.” That means more unique and higher-end items within core categories. Plied with cupcakes and popcorn, attendees delved into topics ranging from roller grills to cage-free eggs and everything in between. 

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Hot to Keep Your Roller Grill Sales Rolling | CSNews.com

Image Source: CSNews.com

Image Source: CSNews.com

Get insight on how to expand your roller grill offerings, with suggestions that include going "Beyond the Dog"

[By Bob Phillips for Convenience Store news]

Convenience stores are always looking for points of differentiation in today's ever-changing retail landscape, and a key differentiator being used by many c-stores as part of their foodservice operations is the roller grill. Long thought of as the exclusive domain of hot dogs, today's roller grill can be much, much  more for the enterprising c-store operator.

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How To Heat Up Sales With Hot Dogs | CStoreDecisions.com

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With the emphasis on fresh, “better-for-you” and made to order, the roller grill is vying to compete for prime counter space at c-stores.

Learn about the importance of condiments and additional offerings to make your roller grill stand out from the competition.

Chiovera pointed to Sheetz [and Sonic Drive-in]. “Both of these companies have taken hot dogs to the next level,” Chiovera said. “There are endless possibilities to offer high quality products and create a real point of difference from competitors.”
Even without a big ad budget or the latest ordering technology, convenience stores can take roller grill dogs to the “next level” with a well-stocked condiment bar, Chiovera noted.

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Operator Safety: 5 Quick Tips | foodpros.com Blog

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Accidents are going to happen at your convenience storetavern, orrestaurant; it’s the nature of the beast given the fast-paced environment of these industries. The best way to improve operator safety is to be educated and prepared for these scenarios in order to reduce the severity and frequency of accidents. As an owner, you don’t want operators getting hurt, and you definitely don’t want lost time and wages in your business.
Use these quick tips as a starting point and build upon them for your own Operator Safety.

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