Hot Dog Roller Grills Are Not Just for Hot Dogs

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Providing great suggestions for alternatives to standard issue hot dogs, smallbio's Matthew offers ideas such as kebabs and spring rolls. Just remember to check with your foodservice distributor to make sure any items you use on your roller grill are designed for cooking and holding on a roller grill–they have different coatings than items you can pick up at the grocery store for regular cooking.

Ethnic foods are now commonly be placed on roller grills throughout the country.   We are seeing foods such as hot Mexican tortillas, egg rolls, spring rolls, pizza rolls, cheese sticks, and a whole assortment of specially made roller foods. These items are similar to hot pockets in that you really can make anything you like. For example, you could fill a roll with shrimp and noodles to make a shrimp Alfredo roll. You could expand your product line and your food selection dramatically without having to buy any new cooking devices.