Dishing About Dogs on National Hot Dog Day

Tyson Convenience offers insights and tips for the roller grill.

[Posted by Angela Hanson to Convenience Store News]

July 14th was National Hot Dog Day in the United States, in honor of the day, Tyson Convenience's Rob Ramsey talked to CSNews, providing awesome insights that included some research Tyson had conducted and concluded that "more than 80 perfect of the best convenience store foodservice customers purchased a roller-rill hot dog or sausage in the past month."

Is the hot dog in jeopardy as convenience stores get more advanced in foodservice? 
In a word, no. This is a cornerstone category. However, it must continue to adapt and evolve to maintain its share of purchases. This is why customization is so vital because it truly enhances the consumer experience and has the potential to drive sales. Consumers want choices and options, even if it is just the top five toppings and condiments for hot dogs that they can mix and match.