How Far Do Roller-Grill Hot Dogs Travel? (Atlas Obscura)

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One writer's account of just how far a hot dog might travel–if it wasn't limited to a roller grill.

"Taking the official Hot Dog Distance Calculation, with MRT standing for maximum roller time:

(hot dog circumference) * (roller speed) * (MRT) = distance traveled

And plugging in the relevant data:

7.9 cm / rot * 7.53 rot / min * 202 min = 12016.37 cm = .074 miles

The longest-traveled hot dog yet recorded in Massachusetts has gone .074 miles. If it were moving down a track rather than in place, its lifespan would have taken it from the starting line to a little past the first curve."

4 Ways to Diversity Roller-Grill Options (CSP)

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"According to Technomic’s 2016 Generational Consumer Trend Report, powered by Ignite, Gen Z represents about 15% of the population and is composed of people aged 23 and under—a significant portion of people who patronize c-stores. Older Gen Zers rely heavily on foodservice, so it’s important for c-stores to feature items that Gen Zers crave.
"According to the Technomic report, 32% of Gen Zers say they would like to eat food cooked at home more often, but they just don’t have the time to do so. For these consumers, it’s important that they have a variety of healthy, satisfying options to choose from when they’re on the go."

Serving What Your Customers Want (CSP Daily News)

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New and varied roller grill offerings are important to consumers, study finds.

"While made-to-order foods are trending in c-stores, many consumers are looking for tasty options that they can pick up quick and eat on the go—between classes, on the way to a job, etc. Roller grill options are key to driving foodservice growth."

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Merchandise Your Roller Grill to Tout New Products (Convenience Store News)

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While not rocket science by any means, introducing new products on your roller grill does require some thought and planning. Roller grills have become standard platforms in the convenience channel, capable of offering consumers new choices next to reliable standbys with relative ease.

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Marketing Meaty Meals (C-Store Decisions)

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"…the mouthwatering smell of frying chicken wafting through the store and even out to the forecourt is usually the first experience customers have with your foodservice offering, explained Dr. Nancy Caldarola, general manager of the Food Training Group, a hospitality industry consulting firm based in Roswell, Ga.
“'Chicken is one of the most attractive hand-held foods for people,' Caldarola said. 'It is also the ultimate all-American comfort food.'"

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Ham & Cheddar Link (C-Store Products)

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"The classic ham and cheese sandwich just got an on-the-go update to satisfy your busy customers. The OSCAR MAYER Honey Ham and Cheddar Link is a tasty OSCAR MAYER pork link that combines ham, a touch of honey and KRAFT OLD ENGLISH Cheddar Cheese. Packed with rich, grilled ham and cheese flavor, the new link is the latest addition to the OSCAR MAYER roller grill portfolio."

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Oscar Mayer Has Ditched Some Controversial Ingredients From Its Hot Dogs (

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… [The] food manufacturer has reformulated Oscar Mayer's popular hot dogs by removing artificial preservatives and ditching added nitrates and nitrites. Kraft Heinz has proclaimed it is the first national hot dog maker to make the switch.
"We are making radical changes to every single one of our dogs," Greg Guidotti, head of marketing at Oscar Mayer, told Fortune in an interview. "We are going to get better dogs into your hands."

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