3 Ways to Ignite Roller-Grill Sales (CSPDailyNews.com)

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If you're already a roller grill operator, you know just how important it is to make sure that the roller grill and surrounding area is kept clean and properly lit–two of the smaller tips pointed out in this article–but this post also provides reassurance on other things that you might be overlooking, that'll be sure to draw in the customers. 

… consumers—especially younger ones—are receptive to new offerings. In fact, about 45% of millennials say they’re willing to try an item or condiment featuring a new or interesting flavor at a c-store prepared-foods area, according to Technomic data.
Load up the roller grill with unexpected items such as egg rolls, tamales, chicken-filled waffle rolls, taquitos and more. 
Roller-grill items are well-suited to DIY condiments, dips and sauces. An impressive 65% of c-store foodservice consumers say they are more likely to purchase prepared foods at c-stores that offer made-to-order food when they can fully customize the items.

More than half of consumers (53%) say they’d visit c-stores for prepared foods if healthier items were available. … Many consumers perceive fresh foods, as well as those made with “clean” and “natural” ingredients, to be healthy as well. 

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Oscar Mayer Pumpkin Pancake Sausage

Roller grill offering satisfies demand for convenient, on-the-go protein.

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Oscar Mayer rolled out a new flavor appropriate for any daypart. 

The Oscar Mayer Pumpkin Pancake Sausage is the newest roller grill innovation from the Oscar Mayer brand. Capitalizing on the seasonal flavor craze, Pumpkin Pancake Sausage features a classic Oscar Mayer sausage wrapped in a flavorful, pumpkin spice pancake. 

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NFL Food Facts (foodpros.com)

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According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, “consumers spent more than $2.5 billion on hot dogs” in supermarkets throughout the United States in 2015. That’s nearly 28 times as much as that hypothetical $89.5 million of hot dog sales at football stadiums! Don’t count yourself out of the game just because you aren’t charging league pricing on your hot dogs–you’ll still get those sales.

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CSP Kitchen: Haute Dogs (CSPDailyNews.com)

How c-stores can revamp the roller grill

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The roller grill has long been c-store territory, but as new and established restaurant concepts elevate encased meats with unique proteins, breads and toppings, convenience retailers have new opportunities to boost sales with expanded offerings. Even simple changes, such as introducing a toppings bar, can improve value perceptions and even day-part sales.

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Rotating Menus in C-Stores (CStoreProductsOnline.com)

Changing up food offerings could lure in more fickle millennials

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The fact that c-stores own grab-and-go among various consumers and occasions works hugely in their favor as foodservice technology looks to hit that sweet spot of speed and quality. And certainly, some c-stores don’t have the available footprint to host a group like Fooda. But awareness of the changing foodservice landscape is an advantage in itself.

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How to Make Unique Roller Grill Offerings Sizzle

In a growing number of c-stores, roller grills have come a long way from being an entry-level hot dog tool. Now they serve as a provider of a wide variety of innovative meals and snack foods.

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Article rightly points to the low-labor (not no-labor) tactic that successful operators should be taking with their roller grill set up in order to the most value out of it, and keep it appealing to customers - all day, every day. 

Some retailers continue to view the roller grill as a no-labor option to establish a foodservice presence. But, in reality, it requires a dedicated portion of labor to keep it clean, stocked and rotated throughout the day and to do sampling, Miller said. And while hot dogs may be the standard fare, customers have also come to expect to find a wider assortment of high quality products on the roller grill.

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How to Make Your Roller Grill Shine

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Keeping your convenience store roller grill clean and well stocked shows customers you are committed to foodservice success.  

While offering some insights on keeping the grill cleaned and stocked, Odesser-Torpey also reports that Think Marketing, a consulting with heavy on foodservice tells them:

All operators should value their roller grill customers because they generally spend more, visit more often, rate convenience stores higher, are more loyal and are more concerned about the quality, visual appeal and temperature of the food than average customers…

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Just How They Roll

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A profitable roller grill program combines the hunger to succeed with a taste for offering customers more for their money.

The roller grill continues to be a primary component of convenience store food offerings, even as more upscale offerings are being placed alongside them. 

“I tell my employees all the time, ‘You never slow the roll,’” Carter said. “You keep it full because it won’t sell nearly as well half-full.”
That’s just one of many stratagems used by c-store operators from coast to coast to maximize the profit potential of that most basic store essential, the tried-and-true roller grill.
Even as c-stores roll out more and more sophisticated foodservice operations, the roller grill continues rolling along as a staple for many establishments, and for good reason.